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JR'S Gunsmithing is an official NRA Membership
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Our clients are now able to enter their information and complete 4473
forms electronically - from home or on a kiosk at JR’S Gunsmithing.
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JRS Gunsmithing is happy to receive transfers for our customers. Our charge is $20.00 per
firearm if we get the attached packing slip or the shipper provided your contact
We will not do the transfer until we have the packing slip showing proof
of purchase! Federal law and ATF regulations allow a firearms dealer to refuse a
We must also receive an FFL or copy of Photo ID from the shipper, without it we will
not do the transfer until we get the proper documentation. Please bring identification
appropriate for conducting a background check, since this is a necessary part of the transfer

Customers must provide FedEx Tracking numbers via email. Failure to do so can result in items
being returned to sender as Fedex Ground will not leave call tags and we have no idea that
packages have arrived.

Please Note:  It is the responsibility of the firearm(s) owner to see to see that all shipments are
insured sufficiently.  JRS Gunsmithing accepts no responsibility for damage or loss for shipments
that are inadequately insured.

You may have to click refresh on your web browser to get our new FFL!
Please click here for a copy of the packing slip and FFL.
Dealers you can certify this FFL by vissiting https://www.atfonline.gov/fflezcheck/

To view PDF files, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader
which is available for free from Adobe at:

Firearms shipped into JRS Gunsmithing must be picked
up within 30 days from the date that we receive them
and they are delivered into our shop. After 30 days a
$5.00 per day storage fee will be placed on all firearms
not picked up. Firearms received and not picked up
within six months will be considered abandoned and sold
to pay for storage and receiving fees.
Excludes active military with prior arrangement!

SAT-SUN By Appointment!

Due to Machinery running during gunsmithing operations  appointments can
be made TUE, THU, SAT-SUN depending on work load.
Well it did not take long for NH
Legislature to propose a bunch of anti
Gun Bills.
Click Here to see some. The
Big one is a 7 Day waiting period to
purchase Firearms and ammo.